Wednesday, January 4, 2012

S3 - #1 French toast

French toast, pg.11

I think that for a while I will be cooking some recipes from all 5 of Annette Sym's Symply Too Good To Be True cookbooks.  Just feel like it...

This morning I made French toast. OMG, it was delicious and how can it not have more calories! eeeek! Annette's recipes really are amazing.. so much flavour and not too many calories. French toast is usually quite heavy, but these were super lovely! I can't wait to have these again!!! WOOOOW!

Voipi olla että nyt jonkin aikaa aion kokkailla vähän jokaisesta viidestä Annette Symin Symply Too Good To Be True keittokirjasta. Vaan tuntuu siltä... Hih!

Tänä aamuna tein aamupalaksi French toastia.. mitähän se olisi suomeksi vai olisiko se suomeksi aikalailla samalla nimellä. No, nämä on aika samantyyppisiä kuin köyhät ritarit. Ihan mielettömän herkullisia ja ihan järkyttävää että näissä ei ole enempää kaloreita. Annetten reseptit  on kyllä niin loistavia kun ne on hyvänmakuisia, helppoja tehdä ja vähäkalorisia. Nam!


  1. What a brilliant recipe, Laura. I've sent the link straight to my beloved (who's king of French toast in our household) and he's promised he'll make it for me on the weekend - woohoo! :)

  2. It was so yummy!!! The recipe is for two serves. One serve was about 130 calories. I ate two serves. LOL. I still have so any more calories to eat today even with that. Far out! Time to start losing weight. :)

    I hope you will enjoy this French toast, too!!! :) Just remind him to toast the bread first. grin. :)

  3. 260 calories for four pieces of French toast is pretty amazing in my opinion. My usual breakfast (yes, I'm totally a creature of habit!) of Carmen's oats with a little bit of honey, berries and a banana is definitely more than that...and so much smaller...though it probably does have more "goodness" in it...
    I too need to pay a bit more attention to what I'm eating lately. Since my knee reconstruction, I've tended to forget that I'm no longer exercising and keep eating as much as usual - not great!
    In any case, I think I can squeeze in some French toast for a weekend breakky! ;)

  4. Oooh yes, banana surely is quite the calorie king! eeeek! Hmm.. I bet berries would be nice with this french toast. Yum!

    I am going to do some baking tonight.. more stuff from these cookbooks. I love it that even the baked goodies don't have sooo many calories. Of course, they will never be as creamy and fluffy as the high calorie goods, but damn, they are still lovely to eat. smile.